What NOT to Do

12552514_10153127933861710_7163735071719650931_nI decided to spend a day trying to sit down and write like I normally do. I didn’t change anything about my day. I wanted to document all the distractions I face when I am trying to make time for myself to write. Using this list I am hoping to find ways to address these obstacles to make it easier to write.

April 2, 2016 – Tried to write a story that I came up with the other day in a dream.

9:23 AM – Open laptop, sit down with a blank Microsoft word page.

9:25 AM – Get a text message from my twin sister saying “Hey pal”. Spend the next 5 minutes responding about what happened the night before.

9:32 AM – Feed my guinea pigs. They are very cute and very distracting! (See photo below and notice how hard it is to resist these cuties.)

9:33 AM – Watch the guinea pigs fight over lettuce.

9:35 AM – Eat breakfast at my laptop.

9:42 AM- Complete two sentences after writing and erasing them multiple times.

10:03 AM- Check Instagram.

10:10 AM- Check Hulu see if any of my shows are online.

11:25 AM – Finish episode of Jane the Virgin, and realize that I have not accomplished anything this morning

11:26 AM – Self-loathing begins.




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