Welcome to Write to Begin!

I have created this website to help young perspective writers, like myself, learn how to start writing. I am not going to teach the basics of grammar and language. That is something that I hope you might already have a slight grasp on, and if not I know there are thousands of resources available for that. Instead, my focus is on how to write in a modern world.

I myself am an idea person. I can come up with multiple story ideas a day that I think would be great to write about and turn into something. However, when it comes to sitting down and making it happen, I consistently turn to a distraction. I mean it is pretty easy to do in today’s age. My phone is always within an arms reach. Literally right now it six inches away from my laptop. I might start with good intentions and say “I’m only going to send one text, then I will begin to write.” However, one text turns to ten, to Twitter, and Instagram. Before you know it you find yourself sucked into a digital wonderland.

I’ll admit I originally began this project for selfish reasons, wanting to be able to find out how to write for myself. I soon discovered that I might not be the only young adult facing this problem and maybe, just maybe I can help someone else write their first novel. That is how I came up with this idea. On this website, you will find tips and tricks, personal experiences, and ideas to help with the writing process.

I hope this helps!




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