Writing Prompts #1


I always find it extremely helpful when I am struggling with writing, to have a prompt ready to get the juices flowing, as they say. Sometimes I really enjoy starting with a funny one and turning it into something sad or dramatic. Here are a couple that I came up with. As always please feel free to message me with a submission and I would  be more than happy to give you feedback. Good luck!

Writing Prompt #1

Imagine you have to spend one day in any painting in the world. What painting would it be? What is happening to you and the other people exhibited in this painting? Are there people? Are you interacting? What is the world like that you are in?

Writing Prompt #2

Imagine you or a character you develop wake up in the middle of the desert. They have no memory of what has happened, but find themselves in all white scrubs with a bandage on their head. What has happened to them? Where do they go? What do they do?

Writing Prompt #3

Your day starts off really well, everything is going in your favor. Then suddenly someone on the subway starts screaming at you for “what you’ve done”. How do you react? You have never seen this person before, and don’t know why they are so angry.

Writing Prompt #4

Write about being an animal. Any animal. How is life different as this animal. What is their perspective like? What do they see every day? What do they do?

Photo credit: Free use from http://www.pexels.com


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