Notepad & Writing Apps (iOS edition)

Hanx Writer – created by, Inc.

Cost: Free

What does it do well? It works as a creative notepad on your phone. Gives the impression of writing on a typewriter while using your cell phone. 

How does this help? This app is helpful if you get a sudden inspiration and want to jot it down. The fun display separates you from the regular mundaneness of the cell phone and transports you to a writer-friendly world. 

Conclusion: This app is very creative and fun to use. If you are looking for a creative digital notepad this one is an excellent option. A little slower to type on than the regular iOS notepad, but a lot more entertaining. 

Download and learn more about it here.

Hanx Writer.PNG
Hanx Writer app available on iOS.

Werdsmith – created by Nathan Tesler


Cost: Free

What does it do well? app is another notepad style app. Its typing has a much faster response time than Hanx Writer. It allows you to outline out multiple projects and ideas. 

How does this help? Being able to write on your phone is great for accessibility. You can always resort back to it when you want to add or change anything. Having the opportunity to break it up by project or chapter, allows you to organize your spontaneous ideas on the go. 

Conclusion: It is free to download, however, there is a limit on how many ideas you can input before you have to pay for more space. The cost is $2.99 for the premium version. This version also lets you change the display of the app. In general, it is very similar to Microsoft Word’s app, but allows you to see all your projects in separate folders easier.

Download it and learn more here.

Werdsmith app available for iOS.

Writer: Write A Book, write a story – Created by Adi Shaviv

Cost: Free

What does it do well? This app is extremely user-friendly. It is a step above a notepad app. You can create a new page, and select what type of page you would like it to be; chapters, notes, characters, outline. 

How does it help? If you have a difficult time organizing your thoughts, this app was made for you. Likewise, if you only have a character concept or a chapter idea you can save it and come back to it when you want to elaborate.

Conclusion: Out of the apps listed so far, this is the most helpful. It’s colorful, easy to use, and very organized. A great app for someone who is looking to write on the go.

Note: There is also another app created by Adi Shaviv, called Travel Journal that allows you do organize a travel diary wherever you go.

Download it and learn more here.

CreativeWriter – Created by Resonanca IT D.O.O.

Cost: Free

What does it do well? The free version of this app is a notepad style app, with some extra creativity. It has commonly used words on the bottom so you don’t have to type them every time. Also, it has a talking robot that talks and speaks by itself. (see picture below). The full version is $4.99 and has resources for inspiration. 

How does it help? If you pay for the full version this app is extremely useful. It uses quotes and ideas from other famous works of literature, to help spark ideas. Also it allows for faster typing by giving you the frequently used words.

Conclusion: If you want a good writing app and don’t mind paying $5 for one, this is the one to get. It’s organized, easy to use, and creative. If you frequently get writer’s block this app can help with inspiration or the talking robot. 

Download and learn more about it here.



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