The Lost Art of Handwriting Notes

Whenever I get an idea for a character or a story, I actually feel anxious if I don’t get a chance to write it down. I rush to find the first piece of paper I can and usually end up losing the note anyway. Although I have all the apps I mentioned in the post about Notepad and Writing apps, I still like the tangible form of writing.

I feel more connected to my ideas if I can write them down on paper. I do really like the apps that I use, especially if I don’t have a pen or paper on me. But when it comes down to it I am a traditionalist and love handwriting.

Here are some notebooks I found while shopping one day and what I think they are best for.

These are the notebooks that I personally use when I want to jot down an idea, or an inspiration. What I like about these ones is that you can separate it by chapter if you would like to. Also, you are able to select what date you got the idea, almost like a writer’s diary.

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I also found some others at TJ Maxx that I really liked. They are smaller and therefore easier to throw in a bag or backpack. They were each under $5, and extremely handy to have around. IMG_3520

This pad of Memo Paper is great to have around you anyway, not just for story ideas. However, I love that it comes in a durable box so your paper won’t get ruined if you bring it on the go. 


Okay, I have to admit part of me loves this one because it reminds me of Blue’s Clues. I feel like Steve every time I write in this one. This one is perfect for carrying around with you because it is all bound so you don’t run the risk of using any of your sheets of paper. 


Photo Credits: All photo credits for this blog post belong to Write-To-Begin website.


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