Using Your Phone for Inspiration

At first, I was not the strongest advocate for incorporating technology into the writing process. But the more I tried to avoid technology all together while writing, the harder I found it to actually motivate myself. It’s almost impossible to this day to ignore technology. We are surrounded by technological distractions at almost any given point. If I wanted to not write this post and watch a Game of Thrones instead, I could in a second. Technology makes everything easier and more accessible, so why not writing as well?

One of my favorite ways to use my phone to help inspire me is by making a writing playlist. I almost always listen to music when I write, and that is usually where I get some of my best ideas from.

You can download Spotify here. 


Sometimes I also look at photography on Pinterest, Instagram or Flickr, to get some inspiration. I will look at a photo and try to explain what I think is happening, or what might happen. However, I discovered an app called StoryStart, that has galleries of photos that can be used to spark inspiration and creativity.

You can download the app here. 

Honestly though probably the single best place to get inspiration to write a story, is by reading. The more you read the more your brain will develop new forms of creativity, it is also a great way to expand your vocabulary which will definitely help with writing. My favorite app to help find a good book is GoodReads.

It works as a social media for book lovers. You can post reviews, get recommendations, and even chat with famous authors. It’s a great resource to get some insight and inspiration.

You can download GoodReads here.



Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or paid by any of the companies mentioned above.

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